DWQMS Operation Plan

DWQMS Township of King Operational Plan - Public 

The Township of King owns and operates four Municipal Drinking Water Systems (MDWS). These systems are operated under the authority of Municipal Drinking Water Licenses (MDWL) and Drinking Water Works Permits (DWWP) issued by the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MOECP).

A requirement of this regulatory structure is that the systems must be overseen by an Accredited Operating Authority. The Township of King is the Accredited Operating Authority and implementing and maintaining a comprehensive Operational Plan (OP) is a requirement of this accreditation. An effective OP also enables the Township's operations team to operate all four systems in a safe, efficient and compliant manner.

The OP is a controlled document however the documents posted to the website are considered uncontrolled and updated every three months. Access to the current controlled documents is available at the Township of King Engineering, Public Works and Building Department at 2585 King Road, King City.

DWQMS King Township Operational Plan - Public