Sewage System Maintenance

Provincially Mandated Sewage System Maintenance Inspection Program

On January 1, 2011, the Ontario Building Code (Building Code) was amended to establish and govern mandatory sewage (septic) system maintenance inspection programs in certain areas of Ontario.  The Building Code amendments help protect our drinking water and the environment and support the implementation of the Clean Water Act and the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan. A guide to operating and maintaining your septic system prepared by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing is included to help you understand how a sewage system works.

As a result of these amendments, a Sewage System Maintenance Inspection Program has been implemented within certain geographic areas of the Township. This program is intended to minimize the potential of existing sewage systems contaminating ground and surface waters.

This letter outlines the program and answers some questions that you may have. Please contact the Building Division if you have any questions. Contact information is found below.

In an effort to help safeguard a clean and safe drinking water supply and the continued health of Lake Simcoe, the Township of King requests your cooperation with this maintenance inspection program.