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Pottageville was named after one of its original leading citizens, Mr. Edward Pottage. Edward Pottage was a bailiff in the area. Between 1844 and 1879, he acquired 100 acres in this hamlet, which is located mainly on the Lloydtown-Aurora Road, at the corner of Concession 7. Located in the midst of an excellent timber stand, Pottageville boasted two sawmills in its early history. Pottageville’s first post office opened in 1876 and closed in 1887 only to be reopened again in 1889 and once again closed in 1900. In the early days, Pottageville had a hotel, blacksmith shop, tannery and store. Over the years these industries slowly diminished and now only a quiet hamlet remains.

With architecture stretching from before the 1900's to present this hamlet is only a short drive down Lloydtown-Aurora Road from Schomberg.

Image of Edward Pottage Home 

In the photo above is the fine home of leading citizen Edward Pottage.