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King Heritage Sites Map PDF
Virtual Interactive Map - King Heritage Sites

A handy guide of historical Township of King, the King Heritage Map & Photo Gallery, displays sites of heritage interest including pioneer cemeteries, one room school houses, vanished villages and a photo gallery of 40 buildings and sites accompanied by enlightening background information.

The history of Township of King is full of colourful characters and industrious communities. It is also a story of rich farmland and unique geography. The first peoples to arrive in King were native peoples who long ago discovered that the shortest route between Lake Ontario and Lake Simcoe was to go up the Humber River, portage across the Oak Ridges Moraine and set the boats down again in the Holland River. This route became known as the Toronto Carrying Place and was later used by fur traders and adventurers, including Samuel de Champlain when he explored the area in 1615.

European Settlers first arrived in King during the late 1700's. Most settlers came as United Empire Loyalists moving north to Upper Canada from the newly formed United States of America. Many settlers were Quakers from the state of Pennsylvania. Lloydtown and Schomberg are both examples of settlements founded by Quakers. As a group, the Quakers were known as a hard working, peaceful and religious people. They recognized the opportunity to build for themselves a new life out of the rich soil found within the Township. Other settlers soon joined them and together they cleared the forests which dominated the land to build communities.

 The first communities in King formed along Yonge Street as it provided easy access to the wilderness of the area. Yonge Street, the first road through King, was completed in 1794. Other early communities grew up around fast flowing streams and rivers which provided good power for saw and grist mills. Kettleby, Lloydtown, Schomberg, Laskay, Eversley and Glenville are all examples of communities which owe their early existence to mills.


Humber Trail Image 

Humber Trails, an example of the Rural Countryside of King.

Scomberg Fair Village Image 

Main Street, Schomberg Prior to 1900

Kettleby Mill Image 

Kettleby Mill, 1842-1950