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Nobleton is named after Joseph Noble, the first tavern keeper and an early settler at the crossroads of the 9th Concession and the 14th Side road.  First settled in 1812, its strategic location between King City and Bolton and Kleinberg and Schomberg saw it quickly grow.  Soon it included general stores, taverns and hotels, a post office, two churches, a Masonic Lodge, Orange Hall and all the amenities a booming community would be proud of.

Noble’s grandson, William Maxwell, became Lord Beaverbrook, a British statesman.  Strolling along King Road and Highway 27 one can discover some of the names, occupations and enterprises of the buildings’ original owners. 

Nobleton’s first post office was opened on May 6, 1851 and the first post master was Joseph Noble’s brother Thomas.  After Thomas Noble’s death in 1856, store keeper Mr. Munsie took over the post office.  Ignoring the villagers’ wishes, he had the name of Nobleton changed o Llammore.  The angry villagers created and signed a petition, requesting that Nobleton be once again the village name, which was sent to parliament, resulting in the village being re-named Nobleton.  

By the early 1900’s Nobleton was an active village supporting three general stores, a drug store, a town doctor, three blacksmith shops, a tannery, three taverns and two shoemakers. The King Telephone Company installed telephones in the village in 1901.