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King Township Museum

The King Township Museum; operated by the Township of King through Parks, Recreation and Culture Department is a place to preserve, interpret and celebrate the history of the Township.

The Museum is housed in the Old Kinghorn School SS #23 built in 1861 with modern additions added in the 1960's.  In 1978 the school was purchased by the Township of King and placed under the care of the King Township Historical Society. Made up of dedicated volunteers and local residents, the Historical Society started the museum in 1979 and officially opened in 1982. For 20 years the Society ran programs and events and began the collection and cataloguing of local artefacts. Through fundraising efforts and volunteer commitment they were able to restore the King Railway Station to highlight some of its former glory.

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In conjunction with Genview Homes, the Museum will soon undertake an expansion to create a sales centre for the development occurring adjacent to the Museum property. This tremendous opportunity will create 749 square feet of additional program space at the museum property for use once the lease agreement with Genview expires.

For up to date programs, events, and exhibits, please visit​.

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2920 King Road, King City, (905) 833-2331

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