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Public Meetings & Notices

​Stay informed about upcoming public meetings and notices. Notice of certain actions, in accordance with the Municipal Act, will be posted to this webpage. For a list of all upcoming Council, Committee of the Whole and Advisory Committee meetings, please refer to the Meeting Calendar​.

​Public Notices​

​Posting Date


​Posted December 6th, 2018​Notice of Meeting: 2019 Water & Wastewater Rates By-law, 2019 Miscellaneous Fees & Charges and By-law
​Posted June 28th, 2018​Notice of Intention to Pass an Amending By-law to Remove a Holding (H) Symbol; File No. Z-2017-10, Maidenstone Limited Partnership; S/W corner of Highway 27 and Oliver Emmerson Avenue, Nobleton, ON
​Posted June 25th, 2018​Notice of Passing of Zoning By-law 2018-56; File No. Z-2016-19, 16770-17050 Dufferin St., Koffler Scientific Reserve (Owner: Governing Council of the University of Toronto)
​Posted June 13th, 2018​Notice of Adoption of Procedural By-law Re: Procedural By-law Review
​Posted May 15th, 2018​Notice of Complete Applications Concerning a Proposed Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment, File No.'s OP-2018-02 and Z-2018-06; 204 Dew Street, King City, ON; Yellow Horizon Homes Ltd.

Upcoming Council M​​eetings






​Monday, January 14th, 2019Council Chambers
2585 King Road, King City, ON 
​6:00 p.m.​No public Planning meetings scheduled.