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Stay King Connected

​​​​​​​​​Welcome to the new #StayKingConnected! This page will feature positive community stories from around King Township. 

Do you have a positive story to share? Is someone going above and beyond to uplift the community spirit​? Please email us​ to share your story and have it featured on King At Home and our social media channels. 

​06/26/2020 - King City Community Garden

The King City Community Garden located at Norman and Keele street in King City was opened in 2016 after several years of planning. Although it is a relatively small garden with just 10 plots, it is really appreciated by the registered gardeners most of whom are seniors. Each year improvements are made to the garden. This year, the issue of inadequate composters was addressed. 

In late May, Neil Wooten, District Fire Chief, was instrumental in transporting skids provided by the Parks department to the garden site. He then proceeded to design and build three composters - not an easy task as each of the skids were a different size and shape. The new composters are solid, have a large capacity and will be able to be used for many years to come. 

Neil had previously repaired the leaking hose used on the site and installed the new hose hanger. 

Our thanks and appreciation go out to Neil - our local hero!


​​05/25/2020 - Spring Hill Pond & Wetlands: Protecting a Natural Habitat​

Tucked away behind the Condominium at 80 Burns Blvd., just east of the Municipal Offices in King City, is a few acres of beautiful natural habitat. Contained within the boundaries of the Habitat is a large pond and wetlands. Because of the ever-increasing development in the area the Habitat is under threat and is slowly changing and evolving. For example, coyote sightings are less frequent and the number of turtles basking on the logs and the banks of the pond appear to be decreasing. A major concern for the health of the pond and wetland is the proliferation of Phragmites in the immediate area. For those who are witnessing first-hand the changes and the impact they are having on mother nature's work, it was a call to action to look for ways on how this very unique and valuable natural resource could be protected.​ 

       spring hill pond.jpg

For full details on the approach that was taken by the 80 Burns Blvd. Condominium  Action Team, in collaboration with King Township and Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, in order to ​protect this unique natural habitat please click on the link: The Friends of Spring Hill Pond and Wetlands

​05/01/2020 - The King Township Public Library is Making a Difference!

The King Township Public Library has been privileged to loan 2 of their 3D printers to NewMakeIt in Newmarket. They are using the printers and others to create PPE in partnership with Ontario PPE - a collective of Makers in the GTA. They are creating face shields and more to help protect our frontline and essential workers from COVID-19. So far PPE has been donated to Cardiovascular Care Inc., Trillium Health Partners, Right at Home Canada, Mackenzie Health Hospital, Southlake Hospital, Lakeridge Hospital, Chartwell LTC Aurora, and York Region Paramedics. Amounting to over 550 face shields and they currently have orders for over 5000! To learn more go to​. 


​04/30/2020 - Thank You to Our Canada Day in Kettleby Sponsors!

With the cancellation of Canada Day in Kettleby, some of our 2020 sponsors made the decision to redirect their funds to the King Township Food Bank for a grand total of $6,000!
We are so thankful that these businesses chose to support an organization that is so very important – now more than ever. Visit to see how you can help! ​


​04/29/2020 - The Scruffy Duck's "Soup and Quackers" Program

The Scruffy Duck.png

 The Scruffy Duck in Schomberg has created a program     called  "Soup and Quackers" which provides stews and soups to   our local families in need, as well as our essential health care   workers! What an amazing initiative. 

 Check out the details a​t​ The  Scruffy Duck.​ 

​04/28/2020 - #StayKingConnected positive news story!

One of our lovely volunteers, Elsa Ann, made these masks for our King Heritage & C​​ultural Centre staff to wear while they’re busy social distancing, organizing, improving and creating new ideas in the KHCC! Thank you Elsa Ann, for helping to keep everyone safe and for your dedication to the King Heritage & Cultural Centre.

 stayking connected 1.png​​​​​

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