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Learning At Home

​​​Great resources to help your child learn from home! Click on the title to access the website.




  • Create a Thermos ​- ​Grab a cup, a bunch of recyclable materials, and have your child build a thermos! Ensure they leave enough space for a funnel to fit into the top (to allow for boiling water to be poured in as well as a thermometer). Once they are finished, pour boiling water into the thermos, wait 60 seconds, then take the temperature and record. Discuss whatever strategies your child can use to help insulate, try again and try to keep more heat in!
  • Rube Goldberg Machines - How long can you make yours?
  • Area Dice Game

​Change Makers Webinars for Adults Aged 18 to 29

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                   To get more information and to access the webinars click on the link below. 


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