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New Recreation Centre

​​The Township of King will be building a new multi-use Recreation Facility on a 25 acre parcel of land located on the south east corner near the 15th Sideroad and Dufferin St. (Seneca College Campus). There will​ be both indoor and outdoor recreation opportunities.

​Recreation Centre Feedback

Thank you for all of the feedback received. We have complied the data and provide the following responses to inquiries:

The desire for a second pad

While a second pad is a desired outcome, it must be weighed against two factors – need and cost.

Need - Currently the municipality still operates the collective three arenas below capacity within the highest use (evening and weekend) hours with all showing weekend availability. This despite a significant increase in the population over the last 10 years.

Cost – The project as proposed can be accomplished within the approved budget. Adding an element is only feasible if additional funding is made available.

Larger Pool

The size and style of the pool were selected in alignment with the recommendations of the 2018/2019 Facilities Services Master Plan – a recreational pool. It is not intended to be formally used for competitive purposes but may be made available as a practice facility. Similarly to the secondary pad, this was linked primarily to an analysis of need and costs, including both initial construction costs as well as the on-going costs to operate.

Fitness Centre/Activities

While there will be no formal fitness facility, the centre will be host to fitness classes and fitness equipment to use along with the indoor walking/running track.

Available for all ages

Notwithstanding having alternate facilities in King City and other areas of the municipality to service multi-generational users (libraries, halls, seniors centres) it is the goal of the Township to make this facility one that meets the needs of residents of all age demographics through the provision of versatile programming and spaces.


The choice to not include a gymnasium was intentional as there are similar style facilities available throughout King at this time. That being said, the design programming and use for the indoor athletic spaces in the domes area was similarly intentional. It is the intention of the Township that this not be just a soccer facility, but one that can host a variety of activities from soccer to ultimate Frisbee to lacrosse to tennis. ​

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