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Energy & Climate Change

King Township DECLARES Climate Emergency​

King Township joined a growing movement across the world by declaring a climate emergency. This declaration was made to help deepen the commitment to being leaders in the environmental and climate change field and help keep climate change at the forefront when considering the impacts it may have on our community today, tomorrow and in the future.​

Corporate Energy Management & Conservation​

King has recently updated our Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan, setting new targets and goals aimed at reducing our corporate carbon footprint on the community as outlined in 2019-2023 King Township Corporate Energy Management and Conservation Plan

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Kings Energy Conservation & Demand Management Plan profiles all of the municipality's corporate buildings and facilities based on energy use and operation type. The plan revisits the work that has been done previously and helps King to identify buildings with the highest potential for energy savings.​

The plan has been updated in accordance with the Ontario Government's Electricity Act Regulation 507/18.​

Energy Reporting & Tracking​

The Township of King presently verifies and tracks all Township of King owned and operated energy accounts with Hydro One and Enbridge. This data is used to inform retrofit and energy project decisions relating to energy savings and cost. Priority is given to projects and decisions that have the greatest impact on greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e), ​

King also produces annual energy consumption reports by building to comply with the provincial governments Electricity Act under the O.Reg. 507/18.​

2018 Annual Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report

Geothermal Energy​

King Township implemented a new geothermal renewable sustainable energy source, in the NEW King Municipal Centre (located at 2585 King Road, King City). The implementation of a dual pump ground source geothermal system in conjunction with roof mounted air source heat pumps has been utilized to reduce King’s carbon impact on the community. The use of the system dramatically cuts down on the natural gas needed to heat the large office, administration ​services and recreational spaces. 

Based on forecasted and tracked energy data from 2019, the King Municipal Centre contributes 70% fewer emissions* compared to the previous municipal centre, located at 2075 King Road, King City. ​

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*Based on 2017 co-efficient's provided by NRCan​

King Climate Action Plan​

Currently under development

Public consultation and meeting dates in 2020 TBD​

Ontario Energy & Water Reporting & Benchmarking (EWRB)​

Ontario's EWRB program is a provincial requirement designed to help private building owners and managers make decisions on how to improve their building's efficiency and inherently save money. ​

You can take part in the EWRB program if you own or manage commercial, industrial or multi-unit residential buildings over 50,000 square feet. ​

Benefits of benchmarking your building's energy and water include the ability to:

  • Establish a baseline for measuring improvement in consumption.
  • Set a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • R​educe operating costs over the long term.
  • Improve energy and water conservation awareness among building owners, tenants and visitors.
  • Participate in green building certificate programs and other sustainability initiatives. 

Organizations benchmarking consistently in Portfolio Manager have achieved average energy savings of 2.4% per year!​

Ontario Reporting Information: ​Ontario Report on Energy and Water Use in Large Buildings​