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Greening Initatives

​Community Greening Initiatives

Single Use Battery & Cell Phone Recycling

​Take advantage of the Township's free battery recycling program!

All batteries are sorted by type (alkaline, lithium, etc.) and recycled for their respective elements (metal, zinc, manganese, etc.). All standard single-use batteries are accepted, including AA, D, 9V, button cell, etc.  Rechargeable batteries are not currently accepted.

Batteries contain heavy metals and other toxic chemicals, which mean they have traditionally been handled as toxic waste.  Recycling these materials allows them to be reused or disposed of properly, which keeps them out of landfill. The Township's new battery recycling bins allow you to conveniently dispose of your used batteries, while doing your part to help protect our environment.

For safety purposes, please place leaking batteries in a sealed plastic bag, and cover the terminals of lithium batteries with tape before dropping them off in the bins.

Locations: Nobleton Arena,​ Trisan Centre, The Municipal Office

Rain Barrel & Composter Bin Sale

 * Please note: limited quantities are currently available.  Please call ahead to ensure desired quantities are available in stock. For more information contact or call 905-833-6555.


Sustainable Community Group Initiative - Food Service Sale​

Attention all Community Groups! Make your next event environmentally friendly by using compostable food service items that you can purchase through the Township of King at a 25% discount. To place an order please contact  the Environmental Stewardship Coordinator at environmentalstewardship@king​.ca or 905-833-6555.


To place an order please fill out the Green Shift Order Form and submit to​

Green Shift Order Form - 2019 fillable.pdf

Electronics & Appliance Recycling

Do you have an unsightly pile of  Electronic waste at home? Don't put it in the garbage; we have a solution for you!  Bring your old items to a schedule E- Waste event. Accepted items include: Audio players, cameras, computers, copiers, phones, fax machines, answering machines, pagers, printers, VCR/DVD players, video/audio recorders and much more. 

To find out about upcoming E- Waste events happening near you please contact 905-833-6555 or email for more information.


Terrestrial Invasive Species Mapping  

The purpose of the program is to take inventory of terrestrial invasive plants growing within King Township using King mapping software. The objective of the program is to identify which invasive species are growing throughout King and the severity of the infestation. The program is focused on educating the community while providing an opportunity for the public to get involved and participate in the mapping of invasive species. Mapping the distribution of invasive species will help Township staff monitor and mitigate the spread of invasive plants throughout the municipality. The program will allow us to identify what plants are present within King, the location of the species, the presence of certain plant communities, control methods and the severity of the infestation and public health concerns.

To learn more about how you can help please contact or 905-833-6555.