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NEW Fire Extinguisher Program

Great news!

King Fire & Emergency Services is introducing an Extinguisher Training Program.

There will be different options offered within the program. This will include a free seminar directed by King Fire & Emergency Services, and a training course instructed by both King Fire & Emergency Services and Safety First Ontario Inc. The training course will include a fee as it will offer a certificate of completion at the end (prices will be subject to group size).

This course will include:

- A brief overview of the science of fire

- Familiarization with classes A, B, C, D, and K fires

- How to determine what materials the different classes of fire extinguishers can be used on

- The dangers of using the wrong class of extinguisher on certain materials

- How to properly maintain an extinguisher and how to determine when one is due for service or replacement

- What to look for during a monthly check of your extinguisher

- A hands-on session will be conducted at the end of the course.

This course WILL NOT be done with live fire. Safety First Ontario Inc. has generously offered to lend us their fire simulator by Bullex. This will give each participant the chance to experience how an extinguisher feels, sounds and discharges. To find out more about the machine, visit Safety First Ontario Inc.’s web site:

If you have any further questions about the training seminar or would like to book a session for your family, friends, or business please call our Public Educator with King Fire & Emergency Services at (905) 833-4088.

We are very excited to be introducing a new program to our Township’s residents and businesses. This is a great opportunity to learn important hands-on information about fire protection equipment. These devices could be used in your every-day lives (example: at home, at work etc.). This information can help you in an unexpected emergency. Let us know if you’re interested!

Please contact us

Phone: (905) 833-4088
Fax: (905) 833-6960​

Fun fact below!

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