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Children & Emergencies

​Prepare Now, Learn How...

Canadians could face emergency situations at any time and their ability to plan ahead will minimize any negative side effects. It is important to remember that your child looks to you for guidance and comfort, and that as a parent you can make an emergency less traumatic by taking precautionary steps.


  • Children will mirror the reaction of his or her parents, so stay calm and your child will as well.

  • Be open and honest about what is happening. Try and explain the problem and what is being done to solve it in a way they will understand.

  • Never ignore their fears and anxieties.

  • Monitor what they watch on television. News coverage of certain situations can be upsetting for children.

  • Reassure them by explaining that everything is under control and they will be safe.

  • If you must evacuate, bring a toy along; this may help to keep them occupied and provide them with some comfort.

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