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Ward 5 Councillor


Debbie Schaefer
289-221-2472 (primary contact #)





Councillor Debbie Schaefer page 

 Debbie moved to King in late 2003 into a country property acquired by her husband's parents 60 years ago.  Soon after moving in, Debbie joined Concerned Citizens of King Township (CCKT) whose mission of promoting "a healthy countryside with working landscapes, significant natural areas, and vibrant communities" perfectly meshed with her own sentiments.  From early 2007 through to mid 2010, she was honoured to be Chair of CCKT. Debbie personally worked relentlessly for two years to oppose the gas fired generator in the Holland Marsh. 

Prior to moving to King, she had a successful 27 year career with Procter & Gamble (P&G). Her career began in Toronto but for the last 10 years of her career she lived in Baltimore, Maryland and then Brussels, Belgium. Over her career, she worked in different business units with different challenges. She led re-engineering of work processes involving multiple client groups and dozens of employees; she led benchmarking of cost structures across multiple regions; she negotiated major global contracts for supplies and services. In 1973 Debbie graduated from Waterloo Lutheran University (now Wilfrid Laurier) in 1973 with B.A; in 1985 she earned an MBA from York University.​