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Zoning By-law Review

 The REVISED FINAL DRAFT of the new Zoning By-law for the Urban Areas Schomberg and King City (excluding Nobleton) is available!

Thank you to those who provided comments on the First and Final Drafts of the New Zoning By-law.

The REVISED FINAL DRAFT will be presented to Council for Adoption on Monday, June 26, 2017 at 6:00 pm in the King Township Council Chambers, 2075 King Road, King City, ON. 

Please note that the previous drafts of the ZBL for the Urban Areas of Schomberg and King City also incorporated the new Nobleton ZBL, as one Urban Areas Zoning By-law. In response to comments received on the final draft of the Urban Areas Zoning By-law, the final ZBL resulting from the Schomberg and King City phase of the Review has been restructured and no longer applies to the Nobleton urban area. The Nobleton urban area continues to be subject to the Nobleton Urban Area Zoning By-law 2016-71 that resulted from the first phase of the ZBL Review.  Nobleton ZBL 2016-71 is now in effect.

For questions please contact Kristen Harrsion, Policy Planner King Township at (9050 833-4065, or .


Background and Previous Meeting Information:

​Thank you to those who provided comments on the 1st Draft of the new Zoning By-law! 

The FINAL DRAFT will be presented at the Statutory Public Meeting on Monday, April 3, 2017 at 6pm in the King Township Council Chambers. Additional information is available in the Notice of Public Meeting​

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​​​​​Interested specifically in Nobleton? Click here for the​ latest on the new Nobleton Urban Area Zoning By-law 2016-71!​

Please note that while the new zoning for the Nobleton Urban Area is incorporated into the DRAFT Urban Areas Zoning By-law above, the new Nobleton Zoning By-law 2016-71 underwent a separate Zoning By-law Review process, and the final document is available here, along with the latest updates. 

Public Open Houses #3 and #4 (Fall 2016)

The second phase of consultation on the King City and Schomberg Zoning By-law Review focuses on the first draft of the new Zoning By-laws for the King City and Schomberg. The presentations delivered and display boards presented at the Open Houses in King City and Schomberg in November 2016 are available below.

King ​​The Notice of Public Open Houses​ provides additional background information. 

First Draft Official Plan (November 2016)

​Draft King City & Schomberg Zoning By-law Review Discussion Paper (Aug. 2016)

The draft King City & Schomberg Zoning By-law Review Discussion Paper (August 2016) is now available!
The Discussion Paper outlines key potential issues to be addressed through the King City & Schomberg Zoning By-law Review, and identifies preliminary options and recommendations to address key issues.​ Included in the Discussion Paper is a summary of the public consultation undertaken and public comments received as part of the process to date.   The Discussion Paper forms the basis for preparing the new Zoning By-law(s) for King City & Schomberg by identifying preliminary key issues to be addressed. 

The Discussion Paper will benefit from consultation with key stakeholders and residents to ensure a clear understanding of matters to be addressed in preparing new zoning by-law(s). 


Public Open Houses #1 and #2 (Summer 2016)

The first phase of public consultation on the King City and Schomberg Zoning By-law Review is ongoing. Public Open Houses were held on June 14th and June 20th in King City and Schomberg, respectfully.  The presentation and information provided at the open houses is available at the links below.

​Mature Neighbourhoods Design Workshops

Mature Neighbourhoods Design Workshops were held in King City on June 29, 2016 and Schomberg on July 12, 2016 to review options for conserving the character of older existing residential neighbourhoods. Thank you to all who participated in the workshops for providing valuable input into the zoning by-law review process.  Comments provided during the workshops are summarized in the draft King City & Schomberg Zoning By-law Review Discussion Paper (August 2016). 

​We would love to hear from you!

Zoning By-law Review Questionnaire - King City 

Zoning By-law Review Questionnaire - Schomberg

We welcome all ideas and input into this project. Should you have any questions or comments, please contact:

Sarah Allin (On Leave as of June 2016; please see contact information at top of this page)

Policy Planner

Township of King


Phone: 905-833-5321 

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