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Official Plan Review

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Visit SPEAKING, King Township's online engagement site for the most up to date information on the Official Plan Review.

What's New?

A second draft of the Official Plan has been posted on SPEAKING.


On December 11, 2017 Township of King Council approved the release of the draft new Official Plan for public review and comment. This is an important step in the development of the new Official Plan. A complete copy of the draft new Official Plan and Schedules can be found by clicking on the following links:

Draft New Official Plan - dated November 6, 2017

Schedule A           Provincial Plan Boundaries

Schedule B1         Natural Heritage System and Provincial Plan Areas

Schedule B2         Components of the Natural Heritage System

Schedule B3         Key Hydrologic Features

Schedule B3-1     Woodlands

Schedule B3-2     Environmentally Significant Areas

Schedule B4         Oak Ridges Moraine Landform Conservation Areas

Schedule C          Rural Lands

Schedule D1        Village of King City

Schedule D2        Village of Nobleton

Schedule D3        Village of Schomberg

Schedule E1         Hamlet of Pottageville

Schedule E2         Hamlet of Laskay

Schedule E3         Hamlet of Kettleby

Schedule E4         Hamlet of Lloydtown

Schedule E5         Hamlet of Ansnorveldt

Schedule E6         Hamlet of Graham Sideroad

Schedule E7         Hamlet of Snowball

Schedule F           Areas of Aggregate Potential

Schedule G          Wellhead Protection Areas

Schedule G-1       King City Wellhead Protection Areas

Schedule G-2       Nobleton Wellhead Protection Areas

Schedule G-3       Schomberg Wellhead Protection Areas

Schedule G-4       Ansnorveldt Wellhead Protection Areas

Schedule H          Landfill Sites

Schedule I            Transportation Network

Schedule J           Trails

Schedule J-1         King City Active Transportation

Schedule J-2         Nobleton Active Transportation

Schedule J-3         Schomberg Active Transportation

The Official Plan Review team introduced the first working draft of One King, King Township's new draft official plan to Committee of the Whole in a working session meeting on Thursday, November 30, 2017. ​ The presentation from the meeting can be found here: Official Plan Review Working Session Presentation - November 30, 2017

A Public Open House was held on September 24, 2015 to present Phase Two: Policy Directions Report (link available under "What's Happened So Far", below). 

A Public Open House was held on March 10th, 2015. The Township has completed a Background Discussion Paper for Phase One of the project, which was the subject of the Public Open House.

In 2014, we held a Public Forum on Wednesday, October 8th at the Nobleton Arena and Community Centre to obtain community input on Official Plan Review principles that have been developed using the input we received from you at our Special Meeting of Council last November.  The presentation and information from that evening can be found here:  Official Plan Review Public Forum Presentation - October 8, 2014

 What's happened so far?

-  Request for a Special Meeting of Council (Report No. P-2013-47) – September 23, 2013

-  Introductory Discussion Paper - October 2013

-  Special Meeting of Council & Introductory Discussion Paper (Report No. P-2013-68) - November 28, 2013

-  Special Meeting of Council for Official Plan Review Presentation - November 28, 2013

-  Summary of Community Input Received (Report No. P-2014-03) – January 27, 2014 

-  Proposed Terms of Reference for Official Plan Review – March 17, 2014

-  Award of Contract for Consulting Services – June 9, 2014

-  Official Plan Review Newsletter No. 1 - October, 2014

Open House Presentation - March 10th, 2015

 Phase One Report - Background and Information - March, 2015

Policy Directions Workshop - Revised April 29, 2015

- Phase Two Report - Recommended Policy Directions - September 24th, 2015

- Phase Two Policy Directions Boards (Open House) - September 24th, 2015

- Phase Two Policy Directions Report (P-2015-42) - November 2, 2015

- Understanding Greenfield Density and Intensification in King Township - May 16, 2016


What is the Official Plan?

An official plan is an important planning policy document that describes how lands should be used. An official plan establishes principles, objectives, and strategies intended to guide development, while providing for the conservation and enhancement of natural systems to ensure that future planning and development meets the specific needs of the communities it serves. Official plans consist of a combination of maps, schedules, and policies that indicate where new housing, commercial, industry and offices will be located, identify where municipal services and infrastructure will be needed, and how communities will grow. An official plan influences the quality of life in a municipality.

It's time for a new Parent Official Plan! Why Review the Official Plan?

The Planning Act prescribes certain provincial and regional conformity requirements for municipal official plans, and requires such documents to be reviewed and updated not less frequently than every five years to ensure these requirements are achieved.  King Township's Parent Official Plan (1970) was approved in 1970, and has since been amended over 80 times.  An Official Plan Review is required for a number of reasons, including:

  • Legislative changes
  • Provincial and Regional policy direction
  • Managing growth
  • Promoting sustainability
  • Providing overarching direction to existing secondary/community plans for King's hamlets and settlement areas
  • Establish a contemporary overarching policy context for updating Township zoning by-laws

Supporting Projects

King Township has undertaken several major initiatives that could influence the Official Plan Review including the:

Many of the supporting projects have included extensive public engagement.

How does the Official Plan affect me?

The new Parent Official Plan will help develop a vision for how King is going to evolve and grow over the long-term, and how to achieve it. Your input is important to undertake an effective Official Plan Review. Public consultation is your opportunity to participate in shaping the King's new overarching Parent Official Plan.

Additional Information

Additional information and updates relating to the Official Plan Review are available by contacting the Planning Department.

Kristen Harrison, Policy Planner
Planning Department

905.833.5321 x 4065

 We invite and encourage you to stay informed by signing up for our email updates on SPEAKING for upcoming public meetings and opportunities to participate in the process of creating a new Official Plan

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