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Current Planning Projects

Official Plan Review

King Township has initiated an Official Plan Review. Additional information is available on our 'Official Plan Review' project page.

Zoning By-Law Review

King Township has completed new zoning by-laws for the urban areas of Nobleton, King City and Schomberg. Additional information is avaiable on the 'Nobleton Zoning By-law Review' and 'Zoning By-law Review' project pages.

Zoning for Cannabis

The Township of King has initiated a Zoning By-law Amendment application under Section 34 of the Planning Act to amendment the Township's Zoning By-law(s) to (i) provide definitions related to cannabis production facilities and sites (ii) amend the "Rural General (RU1)", "General Industrial (M2)", and the "Employment General (E2)" zones to identify where cannabis production facilities and sites could be permitted, and (iii) address location requirements and lot and building standards for such facilities. The Zoning By-law Amendment affects all lands within the Township of King, subject to aforementioned zone categories; therefore no Subject Lands map is included.

Planning staff first reported to Council on the matter of marihuana production facilities on December 14, 2015 in a report titled "Planning Report P-2015-46: Review of Official Plan Policies and Zoning By-law Provisions Regarding the Location of Medical Marihuana Operation in King Township". A public meeting was held on October 17, 2016 to consider a draft by-law on medical marihuana production facilities; refer to Public Meeting Report P-2016-41. A working session of Council was recently held in relation to zoning for cannabis on April 23, 2018.

Proposed Draft Cannabis Zoning By-law Amendments:

The draft zoning by-law amendments propose to amend Zoning By-laws 74-53 (Rural Areas), 2016-71 (Nobleton Urban Area), and 2017-66 (Schomberg & King City Urban Areas). Within the urban areas, the draft zoning by-laws proposes only to amend the Employment General (E2) zones. In the rural area, the draft amendment proposes to amend the Rural General (RU1) zone and the Industrial General (M2) zones.

Cannabis production facilities are federally regulated by the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), which came into effect on August 24, 2016. To address Part 1 facilities under the ACMPR, the draft by-laws defines Agricultural Cannabis Production Facilities and Industrial Cannabis Production Facilities separately and makes a distinction between the two by recognizing that the agricultural facilities may only include the minimum amount of processing, testing, packaging and/or shipping necessary to make the product available for sale in accordance with the license.  As such, facilities in the industrial/employment zones would permit larger scale processing, oil extraction and the production of any other products permitted by the license.   Special development criteria to address locational requirements and lot and building standards for all facilities are outlined in the by-laws.

The draft by-laws define Medical Cannabis Production Site to address Part 2 facilities under the ACMPR and propose the same development and locational criteria proposed for Part 1 facilities. This definition would only address designated persons and not individuals who grow for themselves under the ACMPR .   

The draft by-laws include minimum separation distances to sensitive land uses and requirements for air treatment control.

A statutory public meeting under the Planning Act is scheduled for June 11, 2018.