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Current Bidding Opportunities

Current and historical bids issued by King Township are available on


When procuring goods and services for  King Township, the Purchasing Division has the responsibility to:

  • encourage competition among suppliers to maximize savings for taxpayers

  • ensure service and product delivery and quality, at the highest possible value to the Township

  • ensure fairness among bidders

  • ensure openness, accountability and transparency, while protecting the financial best interest of the Township

  • have regard for the accessibility for persons with disabilities to the Goods/Services and Construction purchased by the Township, and;

  • encourage the procurement of Goods and Services with due regard to the preservation of the natural environment.

The Township is committed to securing the best products and services at the most competitive prices.  In order to assist us in this regard we are utilizing a service call Biddingo to maintain our vendor's list and facilitate the bidding process.

King Township's  bidding opportunities are posted on Biddingo and organized by commodity.  This service also provides vendors with a "one place to look" for bidding opportunities in the Township, the York Purchasing Cooperative and any other public organizations utilizing Biddingo for goods and services that they provide.

Biddingo provides vendors time saving tools and services at a nominal fee.  Vendors registered with Biddingo and who have paid the subscription fee can receive an automatic e-mail when opportunities are available in the commodities they choose to register under and download bid documents.  Vendors who choose not to subscribe to the service still have the option to download bid documents, fees will apply.

Vendors interested in providing goods/services to King Township,  please visit the Biddingo Website at  to fill out a vendor application form.

The procuring of Goods and Services for the Township is adopted policy of Council, and can be viewed on the link below to the specific Township Procurement By-law.