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Municipal Performance Measurement Program (MPMP)

Ontario municipalities have been reporting on the efficiency and effectiveness of various key areas since 2000 as part of the Province's Municipal Performance Measurement Program.  In the past, the Province has introduced new measures and made several changes to how the measures are calculated. These changes will improve the quality and meaning of the measure in the future.  However, this means several measures cannot be compared with results from previous years.

Major changes to Ontario municipal financial reports were introduced in 2009.  In addition to a restructuring to the format and terminology of the financial statements, the historic cost of tangible capital assets are now reported as an asset on the balance sheet and the related amortization for the year is reported as an expense.  Each financial performance measure now reports two values: the first line reports cost excluding amortization.  The second line (line b - Total costs) reports the measure including amortization costs.

The measures are affected by a number of factors, making direct comparisons between municipalities difficult.  The factors include: population, geographic size, location of municipality, weather conditions, economic conditions, assessment values, mix of assessment type between classes, wage levels, and range and level of services provided.  These factors, and other associated with specific measures, must be considered if comparisons are attempted.

Further information on the Provinces Municipal Performance Measurement Program may be obtained
from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing web site

The Township of King's annual performance reports can be found below:

King MPMP 2013
King MPMP 2012
King MPMP 2011
King MPMP 2010
King MPMP 2009
King MPMP 2008
King MPMP 2007
King MPMP 2006
King MPMP 2005
King MPMP 2004