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Water Permits & Licences

The Township is committed to providing safe drinking water to our residents, businesses, and visitors.

The Ministry of the Environment issued the following Drinking Water Works Permits (DWWP) and Municipal Drinking Water Licences (MDWL) under the Safe Drinking Water Act and recognized the Township of King as an eligible and qualified municipality to operate and maintain the water distribution systems within Ansnorveldt, King City, Nobleton, and Schomberg.


Ansnorveldt MDWL No. 121-104 Issue 2
King City MDWL No. 121-103 Issue 2
Nobleton MDWL No. 121-102 Issue 2
Schomberg MDWL No. 121-101 Issue 2


Ansnorveldt DWWP No. 121-204 Issue 3
King City DWWP No. 121-203 Issue 4
Nobleton DWWP No. 121-202 Issue 3
Schomberg DWWP No. 121-201 Issue 3

The Township of King continues to operate and maintain our drinking water systems under an approved Drinking Water Quality Management System (DWQMS). The Township has developed an Operational Plan that implements all of the elements of the required Quality Management System.