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About the Project


On Friday, August 15, 2014, the last sewer pipe was installed for Phase 1 of the Nobleton Sanitary Sewer Project.  This date marks the end of the five-year project, which comprised 11 Contract Areas across Nobleton.   

Now that the sewer system is available to all residents in Phase 1, attention has shifted to encouraging property owners to hook up.  Connecting to the system is mandatory and must be done within one year of the sewers being installed in your neighbourhood.

Important Facts for Property Owners

  • Property owners are required to connect to the system within one year of its installation in their neighbourhood.
  • Property owners must also pay a fee to the Township for part of the cost of constructing the system. Please review the payment options for more information.
  • Sewer usage billing begins once a property is connected to the sewer system. However, even if a property is not hooked up within the one-year deadline, sewer usage fees are added to the owner's water bill.
  • Property owners are also responsible for the cost of connecting their own property to the municipal sewer pipe, and decommissioning their septic system. The cost of this work varies from property to property.


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