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About the Project

The Township of King installed sewer systems in King City beginning in 2006 and completed most* of the construction in summer 2011 when the sewers in Contract Area 5 became available for hook up.

Although most property owners have hooked up to the system, some still need to do so (see map for the compliance rate by Contract Area in our June 2012 newsletter.

Once property owners have connected to the system, it’s important to advise the Township so that the work can be inspected and your property cleared for by-law (2007-110) compliance. Property owners should be aware that the longer they wait past the 12-month deadline, the greater likelihood there is of increased costs when they hook up.

As part of the final restoration work following the sewer construction, asphalt is being placed in all Contract Areas over the next two to three years. This work is funded with federal and provincial government support.

*Three small areas remain for sanitary sewer construction in King City: on Burns, north of Walkington, at King and Dufferin, and King Road and Jane Street. All three projects are related to adjacent development and are expected to get underway in 2012.

For more information about the King City sewer project, please contact:

 Wayne Pinkney C.E.T., Project Manager

Important Facts for Property Owners

  • Property owners are required to connect to the system within one year of its installation in their neighbourhood and pay a charge to the Township for construction costs.
  • Property owners are also responsible for the cost of getting the work done to install the sewer pipe on their property and decommission the septic system. This cost varies from property to property.
  • Installing the connection pipe on your property requires a Building permit and Township inspection to ensure the system is constructed properly.
  • Sewer usage billing begins once your connection is made, but even if you haven’t hooked up, once the 12-month deadline has passed, you will be charged the sewer usage fee.
  • Property owners have paid or are already paying (through taxes) for the capital construction costs.