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​Missed Collections please contact:

GFL Environmental Corporation 1-866-421-5625

Telephone: 905-833-5321
Fax: 905-833-2300


All properties that receive curbside waste collection by the Township of King were provided with one green bin, one indoor bin and one recycling blue box at the inception of the waste diversion program.  Containers used for waste collection services must comply with the Township’s waste collection By-law 2007-65.

Where to Purchase Additional Containers

Residents requiring additional containers are able to purchase them at the municipal office located at 2075 King Road, King City, ON.   Additional purchased green bins and blue boxes become the property of the homeowner.

The Township will provide free replacements for damaged or broken bins provided the bins display the Township logo.

After the initial distribution of green bins, indoor bin and blue boxes all new property owners have been required to purchase waste diversion containers.

New Home in a New Subdivision?

If you have purchased a new home in a subdivision, your builder may have already purchased the bins for your home.  The builder will provide one green bin, one indoor bin and one recycling box at the time occupancy.

If you purchased a "re-sale" home and the previous home owner took the bins with them, the new home owner is required to either retrieve the bins from the previous owner or purchase new containers.  The Township does not provide free replacements for bins removed from the residence.

Waste Collection Calendar - Online Version 

"You may also check your collection day using our interactive map.  Enter your address and click on the General Tab"

The Township of King provides unlimited curbside blue box and organics collection weekly.  Curbside garbage collection is provided every other week with a two bag limit.  Yard waste is collected every other week from April to November on the same week.  Please consult your waste calendar for your collection schedule.

Please note that your waste will be collected on the designated day.  Collection times may vary for these collection vehicles on your scheduled pick-up day, materials for pick-up must be placed at the curb no later than 7 a.m.

Safety Notice to Residents – Waste Collection

We wish to remind residents to place their waste and recycling for collection at the end of their driveway only.  Please do not place collection across the road.  This is a serious health and safety hazard risk.  If you are having difficulty with your waste collection, please contact our waste collection contractor Green for Life at 1-866-421-5625 or alternatively King Township at 905-833-5321. Thank you for your assistance.

Limits for Waste/Recycling Collection

A two (2) bag / container limit is currently in effect for garbage collection in the Township.  With the addition of “bag tags”, three (3) additional bags/ containers of garbage up to a total of five (5) bags/ containers (2 untagged plus 3 tagged) can be collected.  Commercial properties and small businesses are restricted to the same collection guidelines as residential properties.  Businesses that cannot set out waste in accordance with the residential program are required to dispose of waste through their own disposal service.  Residents may purchase garbage “bag tags”, sold in a package of 5 bag tags at the municipal office located at 2075 King Road.  Garbage tags are also sold at all three Township arenas during business hours and online, through the parks and Recreation Department. By-law 2011-45 can also be referred to for additional Waste Collection matters. 

What Goes Where?

Wondering what garbage is acceptable in which waste stream? 

Ask the "Bin-dicator"  Waste Recycling Search - Region of York.mht

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Waste Collection Schedule for 2017 (PDF)

Waste Collection Schedule for 2017 (Flash)


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