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What is grasscycling?

Grasscycling is when grass clippings are left on the lawn so that nature can return the nutrients stored in the clippings back to the soil as they decompose.

As clipping break down, they release moisture and nutrients into the soil. You can save as much as a third of your lawn mowing time by removing your grass catcher and letting grass clippings stay on the lawn.​

Grasscycling Brochure 

How to have a beautiful lawn with less fertilizing

Use less fertilizer - more is not better! Fertilize in the fall - a fall application boosts spring growth. For slower, more uniform growth choose fertilizers with the label "water insoluble nitrogen" or "slow release nitrogen".

How to keep your lawn healthy using less water

Water only when the grass is dry. Water in the morning between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m., to avoid losing up to 60% of the water to evaporation. Avoid water at night. Grass clippings are 80% water. Leaving clippings on the lawn will prevent excessive moisture loss and return water to the soil.