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Blue Box Recycling

King Township provides a weekly recycle collection.

All materials for recycling collection must be placed in blue boxes issued by the Township or in approved alternates as outlined in the Township’s waste collection by-law No. 2007-65.

Exceptions such as cardboard may be placed beside the blue box provided it's flattened, bundled and tied with twine or string (no tape). Bundles must not exceed 20" x 24" x 12". Please do not place any recycling products in plastic bags.

Plastic bags are not an approved collection container for recyclables.

King Township encourages its residents to reduce, reuse, rethink and then recycle. Please assist by buying products with less packaging, sharing magazine subscriptions with others, donating items you no longer have a use for, bringing your own bags to the store and attempting to purchase items or products in containers that can be recycled.

Remember to purchase products only in recyclable containers that are accepted in the Township's Blue Box Program.

King Township thanks you for emptying and rinsing your glass, food and drink cans, and Plastic #1 PET through to #7 HDPE containers before placing them in your recycling box. Let's all work together to keep the Township safe and attractive! Remember to empty liquid contents from all containers - recyclable or not.

Please ensure that your garbage and blue boxes are visible to the operator (not blocked by parked cars) or on top of snow banks.

New items you can now add to your Blue Box

  • Empty Areosol & Metal Paint Cans - (lids and caps removed) (all containers are to be emptied and rinsed).

  • All Plastics #1 through to #7 rigid plastic bottles and containers - all containers are to be emptied and rinsed. (note: no containers that once contained a hazardous material, such as motor oil, brake or  transmission fluid are accepted).

  • Metal Containers, aluminum foil, trays and plates -

  • Beverage cartons and boxes - Milk and Juice cartons and juice boxes (rinsed, caps removed).

NOT ACCEPTED: Please NO polystyrene foam, foam plastic egg cartons, take-out food containers. 

Visit the Region of York's website to learn more about the new items you can now add to your blue box.

Important - Did you know that no sorting is required! All recyclables can now be combined into one blue box.