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Engineering and Public Works



Engineering & Public Works Department is responsible for:

  • residential recycling and waste collection

  • water distribution

  • storm & sanitary sewers (sanitary sewers, storm sewers, storm water management, etc.)

  • road maintenance (snow clearing, grading, maintenance, etc.)

  • planning, approval and construction of new roads, bridges, sidewalks and streetlights

  • administration of construction within subdivisions

  • lot grading and drainage

  • service connections to residential and commercial buildings

  • traffic studies

  • entrance permits and road occupancy

  • construction on road allowances

The website pages under our Department (see navigation to the left), provides links to additional information.

Municipal Design Criteria and Standard Drawings

If you cannot find the information you require, feel free to contact our Department directly

The ICI Audit and Capacity Buy Back Incentive Program is offering free, water-use audits to eligible industrial, commercial and institutional businesses located within York Region.  For more info please visit