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Comprehensive Storm Water Master Plan

​​​​​​Comprehensive Stormwater Management Master Plan

​Public Information Centre November 27th at 12 p.m.

Public Information Centre Public Participation for November 27 at 12 p.m.

Please register for the Public Information Centre by sending your name and email address to​



The Comprehensive Stormwater Management Master Plan (CSWM-MP) sets out specific requirements for the management of stormwater in existing settlement areas and future land use development within the study area.

Study Area

The study area for the CSWM-MP includes the Villages of King City, Nobleton, and Schomberg. The study area also includes the Hamlets of Ansnorveldt, Snowball, Lloydtown, Laskay, Kettleby, Pottageville, and Graham Sideroad.

Class Environmental Assessment and Stakeholder Communication

The CSWM-MP will satisfy the Master Plan requirements of the Municipal Class Environmental (EA) process and will encompass Phases 1 & 2. Two (2) Public Information Centre (PIC) meetings will be held to allow public input from residents, landowners, regulatory agencies and other stakeholders:

  • The first PIC will be held to introduce the project and present a Problem and Opportunity Statement.
  • The second PIC will be held to present proposed solutions.

Any comments or feedback will be recorded and documented to be included in the CSWM-MP report.


  • First (1st) PIC - Friday November 27, 2020 Beginning at 12:00pm​​
  • Second (2nd) PIC - Winter 2021
  • Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Final Report: Spring/Summer 2021

Notices and Information​

Public notices and information regarding this project can be downloaded from the following link:

Notice of Project Commencement ​​


Upon completion of the CSWM-MP, the final report will be made available in this section.


We are interested in receiving any comments and/or input related to this study. This information will be considered and will assist in the planning process. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the following:

Township of King:

Daniel Wilkinson C.E.T. -​

​Environmental Project Manager

Public Works

2585 King Road

King City, ON, L7B 1A1

P: (905) 833-5321x 6572


Jonathon Kerschbaumer B.Eng –

Senior Project Analyst

Civica Infrastructure Inc.

330 Rodineau Road., Unit #3

Vaughan, ON, L6A 4P5

P: (905) 417-9792 x 2334