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Burton Grove updates

***UPDATE NUMBER 8 (Final Update)***

For any questions please contact York Region at 1 877 464 9675 ext. 75200 and dispatch will send notification to Regional ​Staff.

***UPDATE NUMBER 7 (2:34 pm, Feb. 13)***


  • We have made significant progress at the outfall with cleaning out the storm pipes and managing the water at the outfall;
  • We are co-ordinating with the laboratory and the MECP for subsequent sampling activities;
  • We are awaiting soils results from the laboratory;
  • Contractors continue to clean and flush the system to ensure it is clear of contaminants;
  • The primary focus of response is at the outfall and to assess and remove all contaminated materials and to re-establish hydraulic operability of the subject infrastructure;
  • We have maintained system ventilation during works at two manholes;

​***​UPDATE NUMBER 6 (1:48 pm, Feb. 11)***


  • Works are on-going to manage the liquid component of the spill and we are working hard to get ahead of the water to expedite soils/solids/sludge management;
  • Forces continue to ventilate the system with high output venting system;
  • Lab results for the liquid portion of the sample submitted should be available by end of day and analysis on the oil/slurry component of the sample should be forthcoming tomorrow due to complexities of the sample and resultant analytical results;
  • We will be collecting four samples from the "outfall" for analysis to assist with determining the extent/plume of contamination;

***UPDATE NUMBER 5 (3:55 pm, Feb. 8)***


  • Significant progress achieved in removal of liquid component of contamination and the sedimentary component of contamination;
  • Site material processing unit will be in place by the end of the day and effective removal of all contaminated sediment/earth can be expedited;
  • Sample of the liquid and solid contaminated material are being sent to accredited lab for full analysis;
  • Overall response works excluding final restorations for the spring will be complete in two more working days, this is an estimate but progress is exceptional;
  • These works consist of system cleaning thereby mitigating the potential for such an incident to elevate to the status this incident did

​***UPDATE NUMBER 4 (4:52 pm, Feb. 7)***​

  • Contract forces continued working throughout the day and we have made progress in overall contaminant removal and there has been a recognizable lowering of the surcharge level;
  • The Township is facing challenges with managing the sediment waste due to handling requirements and weather challenges. In response to these challenges the Township is looking to expand the Keele Street road usage to facilitate implementing a heated system that "processes" the effluent on site to expedite its shipment off site to suitable receivers;
  • Township forces utilized a Ram fan at a manhole to evacuate the fumes out of the system and this appeared to be effective. Braywood has equipment specifically designed for this purpose to support confined space entries and they will install this unit in a Keele Street manhole first thing in the morning and mechanically ventilate the system during the entire day tomorrow as works progress;
  • All impacted residents are urged to contact the Township with their concerns and staff will be on site tomorrow to assist with continued works and assist with resident inquiries/concerns;
  • Staff would foresee further significant progress on this response and removal of the contaminant as the works continue however there will be a requirement to resume works tomorrow with full contract forces.​

​***UPDATE NUMBER 3 (10:48 am, Feb. 7)***​​


  • Contract forces are on site and continuing the clean-up process;
  • The receiving pit is being excavated again to facilitate receipt of the materials within the pipe network;
  • The excavator will keep the pit free of sediment in support of the vac truck to maintain progress on the works;
  • As works progress contract forces will intermittently flush the Burton Grove line to try and continually mitigate the migration of fumes up this pipe;
  • Operations will also intermittently lift the manhole lid at the high point of Burton Grove to help ventilate the network;
  • We have installed Jersey Barriers on the east and west sides of Keele to protect pedestrians, contractors and commuters;
  • CCTV inspections of the applicable infrastructure are also continuing today.

​***UPDATE NUMBER 2​ (​10:12 am, Feb. 6)***

  • Township contract forces will be on site this morning (Feb. 6)  to continue to effect the clean-up;
  • The Contractor will clean the system to the point that immediate residential and environmental impacts are mitigated;
  • The Township will coordinate with the Region to effect complete maintenance works on this infrastructure including outfall to prevent these instances in the future. 
  • The Township will be conducting CCTV inspections of the subject infrastructure to assess current condition and to assess condition post clean-up works;

***UPDATE NUMBER 1 (5 p.m, Feb. 5)***

ISSUE: Residents in the area of Burton Grove and Keele Street in King City called to report the strong odour of gasoline in their homes on Feb. 5.

The level of gasoline fumes was deemed not harmful by King Township's Fire Department. King's drinking water system has not been affected.

ACTIONS TAKEN: King Township staff are working with officials from York Region and the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) to clean up gasoline that made its way into the storm sewer system near Burton Grove in King City.

The priority has been to eliminate the odour and remove as much of the spill as possible from the storm sewer system and surrounding environment as well as determine the exact source of the gasoline. Although the investigation is ongoing, it's believed the gas may have come from a vehicle with a defective gas tank.

York Region's Spill Response Team and the MECP's Spills Action Centre were notified. The spill was contained and King is co-ordinating with contracted services for the final clean-up of the incident.

This letter was hand delivered Feb. 5 to residents in the immediate area.