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How to Access Township Records

​​A Freedom of Information (FOI) request must be made in writing. You may either complete a request form or write a letter to the Township of King. 

You can fill out the Request to Access Information form provided. Detailed instructions on how to complete the form are provided with the form. Whether you are writing a letter or completing a request form, you will need to: 

  • Provide your name, address, and a telephone number where you can be contacted if there are any questions about the request.

  • Be as specific as possible when describing the records you want to access.

  • If you are requesting your own personal information, be sure to provide your full name and any other names that you have used in the past.

  • If the request is for general information (not your own personal information), include the $5 initial fee. This fee must be paid before the request will be processed.

  • Sign and date the request form or letter.

  • Send the completed request form or letter to the FOI Coordinator. ​

The form must be accompanied by $5 application fee, payable by cash, debit or cheque payable to the Township of King.