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Accountability and Transparency


​​​​Accountability and Transparenc​y

Summary: As part of the Township's continued effort to foster open and ethical governance, the Township has established various by-laws, policies and protocols related to accountability and transparency. These work together to ensure that the Township is responsible to its constituents and for its actions or inactions. In addition, these are meant to encourage active and open public access and participation in municipal affairs. ​

Accountability and Transparency Information Page

Accountability Services Framework By-law ​
Accountability and Transparency Policy 
Code of Conduct Policy 
Code of Conduct - Complaint Protocol​
Code of Conduct - Formal Complaint Form​ (for Code of Conduct related complaints only)
Declaration of Pecuniary Interest Form​
​Declaration of Pecuniary Interest Registry​
Formal Complaint Form​
Formal Complaint Policy​

Contact Information: Clerks Department​​