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Accessibility and Inclusion in King

​​​​​​​​What is the Township doing to ensure King is an accessible and inclusive community?



​The Township of King is committed to providing quality goods and services which are accessible to all persons we serve. We have taken many initiatives to foster an inclusive community by identifying and removing barriers to ensure that our goods and services are provided in a way that respects the dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity for all people.

Some of the ways we have worked towards accessibility include the ongoing involvement of King's Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC)​ ​whose purpose is to advise and make suggestions on various construction and planning applications, how to improve communications such as new forms that are easier to understand, content updates on the website that include graphics, providing alternative formats for documents, and ensuring that parks, trails, play spaces and public areas are made accessible for residents and visitors where feasible. ​​


​As part of our commitment to Accessibility, Inclusion and Diversity, King Township is proud to announce that our Inclusion Charter has been finalized. ​King Township has worked closely with York Region in developing our Inclusion Charter. Both King and York Region's Inclusion Charters can be found below. To learn more about diversity and inclusion, you can visit York Region's website​

King Township Inclusion Charter ​

York Region Inclusion Charter​​