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Charitable Lottery Licensing

​​​The Township of King issues Lottery Licences to eligible charitable organizations to raise funds for their organizations' needs.

The Towns​hip of King may issue lottery licences for the following forms of charitable lotteries: 

• Bingo events with prize boards up to $5,500.00 
• Raffles with prizes up to $50,000.00 
• Break Open Ticket events that are not conducted in conjunction with another licensed gaming event 
• Bazaar gaming events 
• Media Bingo

Charitable lottery events that exceed the above dollar values or are not eligible for a Township of King issued licence are administered by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario​ (AGCO). Starting October 26, 2020, charitable gaming licensees whose licences are issued by the AGCO will conduct all of their AGCO-related transactions online through the iAGCO web-based portal


To be eligible for a lottery licence, your organization​​ must be a non-profit charity and fall within one the four following classifications: 

1. The Relief of Poverty 
2. The Advancement of Education 
3. The Advancement of Religion 
4. Other Charitable Purposes Beneficial to the Community, not falling under 1) 2) or 3) 

Additionally, organizations must be in existence for at least one year, have a place of business in Ontario, and demonstrate that it is established with a mandate that provides charitable services to the community of King and/or York Region more broadly. The organization must clearly demonstrate that lottery proceeds are needed to assist in the delivering of its services or programs. 

The organization assumes full responsibility for the conduct and management of the lottery event.

Funds raised through charitable lotteries may only be spent as prescribed by the policies of the AGCO. Applicants must submit expense records to the Township following their charitable lottery to ensure that the licensees are conducting and managing their events in accordance with all legal requirements. 

Lottery eligibility packages can be obtained from the Clerks Department in the Municipal Offices at 2585 King Road, King City. A licence fee of 3 per cent of the events' prize board is required at the time of application. 

For clarification on whether your event and/or organization can be licensed to conduct lottery events and for details on procedures and regulations, please contact the Clerks Department at 905-833-5321 or refer to the links below.

AGCO Resources

To determine eligibility of your group and/or obtain additional information, refer to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario website.

Lottery Application and Report Forms are available on the AGCO site