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By-law Enforcement Services

​By-law Enforcement Services is responsible for the enforcement of By-laws passed by the Mayor and Council of the Township of King as well as certain Provincial Legislation. The Township's By-Law Enforcement Officers are committed to the delivery of professional by-law enforcement in a timely and effective manner. The goal of the Township is to achieve compliance with municipal by-laws through education and mediation first, and through enforcement where necessary. Officers strive to enforce the municipal by-laws in a fair and consistent manner.
Our primary goals while enforcing municipal by-laws include: 

  • Ensuring public safety;

  • Maintaining community standards which contribute to quality of life in the community; and

  • Managing behavioral and nuisance issues to promote a harmonious living environment.

​​Frequently Requested By-laws & Enforcement Issues​

Find a list of common by-laws and other enforcement matters. 
Reporting a By-law Infraction ​

Learn how to report a by-law infraction. 
How Does the Township Respond to By-law Infractions?

Find out how By-law Enforcement Officers will invesitgate ​​