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Signs Not Requiring a Permit

Some signs do not require a permit.  Common examples include but are not limited to:

  • A-frame (sandwich board) signs, provided that they are removed at the end of the business day;

  • Home Occupation signs for businesses operating out of residential homes;

  • Real Estate signs for properties that are for sale (size varies between zones);

  • Open House (must display date and hours of the open house);

  • Directional signs, provided that they are removed within four (4) hours of the conclusion of the event;

  • Window Signs, (not to exceed 25% of the combined window and door surface area of the building);

  • Construction and Contractor Signs indicating the name of construction firms or contractors working on site.

For a full list of signs that do not require a permit please consult the Sign By-Law​ or contact By-law Enforcement Services​. ​