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Sign Variances and Prohibited Signs

​​​​​​Certain types of signs are prohibited within the Township of King; please refer to the Sign By-law for a complete list or contact By-law Enforcement Services​. This list includes, but is not limited to:

  • Third Party Signs that advertise products, services or facilities not available at the location of the sign;
  • Inflatables;
  • Electronic Dynamic Signs ((LCD/LED) and other video-based signs) that display moving or flashing imagery and text with varied levels of illumination (electronic signs that display static text are permitted)
  • Illumination for the purpose of attracting attention
  • Bag signs

You may apply for a variance to the Sign By-law if you wish to erect a sign that is prohibited under the by-law due to type, size, location, quantity or other restriction(s)​. All applications for variances must be accompanied by the non-refundable variance fee. Please note that all variances must be approved by Council to be valid and may be subject to conditions as Council deems appropriate. Fees associated with a sign variance can be found on our Sign By-law Related Fees​ page.​ To apply for a variance, please fill out and submit a sign permit application form​