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Permanent Signs

​​​These signs require permits and are subject to setbacks. Permits that include a site plan have the most success. Site plans provide a visual of exactly where the sign will be located on your property in relation to buildings, streets, and sidewalks. 

Permanent Signs are affixed signs for an extended period of time that include wall, ground, awnings, etc.

The following information is required when applying for a permanent sign application​:

  • Type of sign (ground, wall, projecting, awning/canopy, illuminated, mural – note: backlit signs are prohibited and murals must be approved by council)
  • Dimensions (in metric) including:
    • Height
    • Length
    • Height from grade
    • Weight
    • Projection
    • Material
    • Secured/fastened by​

Please also provide the following drawings and information:

  • Site plan (including lot information)
  • Building dimensions
  • Sign location
  • Sign setbacks from property lines
  • Street frontage
  • Height of sign above grade
  • Sign structural details (including dimensions and areas)
  • Size of columns and concrete base
  • Sign message and colour(s)
  • Double sided (two faces)
  • Distance from hydro poles 
Quick conversions: 1 in = 0.0254m         1 ft = 0.3048m               1 ft2 = 0.0929 m2​

Sign Application Form ​