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General Sign Inquiries

​​​​​How much does it cost for a sign permit application?
All sign related fees can be found under our Sign-Related Fees page​

Who is responsible for the maintenance of signs?
The property owner and/or tenant are responsible for the maintenance of signs.

Do I need a building permit for my sign?
Under the Ontario Building Code​, signs may require a building permit if they meet certain structural requirements. By-law Enforcement staff will verify if a building permit or inspection by a Township building official is required for the proposed sign.

Do I need a sign permit for roads under York Region's jurisdiction?
The Region of York controls signage on major intersections that are under York Region's jurisdiction. A regional permit is required to erect signage on or near a regional road or major intersection. Please see the Region of York's Road Sign Permit page​ for more information. 

To see if a road is under York Region's jurisdiction, you can refer to their page on determining regional roads​.

I want to replace an existing sign or add a new one, what should I do?
A permit is needed to replace an existing sign or add a new sign. 

Are there any incentives for rehabilitating or resurfacing the signage on my business? ​​
Yes. Through the Community Improvement Plan, eligible projects may qualify for the Facade and Signage Improvement Grant. Eligibility is determined by location among other factors. Please visit our Economic Development Department's page for more information and to find out how to apply.