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Parking Enforcement


​Welcome to the Township of King's new parking page. 

Below you will find information about how to pay or dispute a parking ticket, how to request a temporary on-street parking exemption, frequently asked questions related to parking in King, and how to contact By-law Enforcement Services.

Pay/Dispute a Parking TicketRequest a Parking Exemption

​Winter Parking Restrictions Are In Effect

​The Township of King's Parking By-law prohibits the parking of vehicles on roadways between November 1st and April 15th each year between the hours of 2:00 am and 6:00 am to allow for winter road maintenance. 

Disputing a​ Parking Ticket 

​If you wish to dispute your parking ticket,​ you may request an online appeal, an in-person First Attendance heari​​ng to review your ticket with a By-law Enforcement Officer, or request to challenge the ticket in court.​ If you wish to book an in-person First Attendance Hearing, please contact By-law Enforcement Services (contact information below). 

Parking Exemption​​​ Conditions​

​​Sometimes you may need an exemption for temporary on-street parking for events such as overnight guests or driveway repairs. 
  • ​​Exemption Fee: Free. Fees under review. 
  • Exemptions are granted for a maximum of five (5) days per vehicle per year. 
  • The exemption allows you to park on the street for longer than the three (3) hour rule in place. 
  • The exemption does not allow you to park contrary to any other parking rule in the parking by-laws. 
  • For example: No vehicle can park contrary to any posted signs, face the opposite direction of travel, so as to block a driveway, intersection, or sidewalk, within three (3) metres of a fire hydrant, in a fire route, or in an accessible parking space w​​ithout a valid permit. For a full list of parking regulations, see the set fines​
  • Winter parking exemptions are limited, and subject to weather conditions. 
  • Requests to park on Regional roads ​must be​ made to York Region. ​

Parking FAQ​​

Visit our parking FAQ page to find answers to t​he questions below. 

How Long Can I Park on a Street?
What is an online appeal versus an in-person First Attendance Hearing?
Fines & Towing​
What does "Unassumed Road" Mean?​
The Go Train parking lot is full, where can I park?​

Parking By-laws

The Township of King's Parking By-law 2005-36​ outlines parking regulations. The Township maintains an office consolidation of all the parking amendments to the by-la​w for reference purposes. 

York Region also has parking by-laws for Regional Roads including Parking By-law 2017-37​ and Parking by-law 2017-47. If you are unsure if a road is under York Region's jurisdiction, you can visit their interactive map to find out. 

Contact Us


In Person or By Mail 
(Payment by Mail = Cheque or Money Order only)
By-law Enforcement Services
Township of King
2585 King Road
King City, ON​​​​​​
L7B 1A1​

E-mail us at​ or call 905-833-4002
If we are unable to answer your call, please leave us a detailed voice message and we will get back to you. Our voicemail is monitored by officers on the road and in the office!  

​Hours of Operation
(for in-person ticket payments or in-person First Attendance Hearings): 

8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Monday-Friday (excluding Statutory Holidays)
Dropbox available near the Council Chambers doors 24/7 and is monitored daily. 

​After Hours 

You may see By-law Enforcement Officers outside of regular business hours as they are working hard to keep King safe​. Officers may be out especially during Winter months to ensure that snow clearing and emergency vehicles can operate safely. ​