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Parking Enforcement


Below you will find information about how to pay or dispute a parking ticket, how to request a temporary on-street parking permit, frequently asked questions related to parking in King, and how to contact By-law Enforcement Services.

Pay/Dispute a Parking TicketRequest a Parking Exemption

COVID-19 Service Updates

​Due to COVID-19, the Municipal Centre remains closed. This closure has unfortunately impacted in-person by-law services including in-person first attendances (appealing a ticket) or requesting court for parking tickets. Instead, tickets can be appealed online at, and requests for court will be accepted by mail (or drop-box) if the ticket is signed. ​

Winter Parking Restrictions 

​The Township of King's Parking By-law prohibits the parking of vehicles on roadways between November 1st and April 15th each year between the hours of 2:00 am and 6:00 am to allow for winter road maintenance. ​​

On-Street Parking Permits

Temporary on-street parking permits are available for events such as overnight guests, deliveries, or driveway repairs. ​​​

  • Permit Fee: Free. 
  • Permits are granted for a maximum of twelve (12) days per vehicle per year. (Winter limitations apply, see below).
  • All permits:
    • are valid for a period of 24 hours from 12:00PM—12:00PM​ the following day
    • must be properly displayed at all times while parked
    • are valid for the plate # printed on the parking permit only for time indicated
    • are non-refundable and non-transferable
    • may be revoked or cancelled when it is necessary to ensure public safety, when it was obtained through the submission of false, misleading or fraudulent information, or when the vehicle in respect of which the permit was issued has an expired validation sticker

Vehicles without a valid or properly displayed permit will be ticketed and/or towed (at owners' expense) .

Permits cannot be used for commercial vehicles, boats/trailers, school buses, recreational vehicles, un-plated vehicles or vehicles with expired stickers.

Permits will not be issued for vehicles with outstanding Township of King parking infractions or persons who have exceeded the maximum number of permits for the year. 

Parking permits only exempt vehicles from overnight or three (3) hour parking restrictions. They do not provide exemption from other parking infractions, such as:

  • interfering with snow clearing operations
  • parking within three (3) metres of a fire hydrant
  • parking in a "No Parking" or "No Stopping" zone 
  • parking left wheels to the curb (facing the opposite direction of travel)
  • parking so as to block a driveway, intersection, or sidewalk
  • parking in a fire route 
  • parking in an accessible parking space without a valid accessible parking permit 

For a complete list of violations, please read the current Parking By-law.

Permits are not valid or available for York Regional roads. Requests to park on Regional roads must be made to York Region

Parking permits are the property of the Township of King, any misuse or unauthorized reproduction will result in termination of permit.

Winter Limitations for Parking Permits

  • A maximum of 4 of the possible 12 on-street permits are available during winter parking restrictions (November 1st to April 15th)
  • On-Street Permits are not applicable during winter maintenance activities (i.e. snow flurries, snow clearing and sanding/salting operations). If a permit has been obtained during winter maintenance activities the On-Street Permit becomes null and void, and any tickets issued will not be cancelled. ​

Parking By-laws

The Township of King's Parking By-law 2005-36​ outlines parking regulations. The Township maintains an office consolidation of all the parking amendments to the by-la​w for reference purposes. 

York Region also has parking by-laws for Regional Roads including Parking By-law 2017-37​Parking By-law 2017-47, and Parking Amendment By-law 2020-03​. If you are unsure if a road is under York Region's jurisdiction, you can visit their interactive map to find out. 

Parking FAQ​​

Visit our parking FAQ page to find answers to t​he questions below. 

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Disputing a​ Parking Ticket 

​If you wish to dispute your parking ticket,​ you may request an online appeal, an in-person First Attendance heari​​ng to review your ticket with a By-law Enforcement Officer, or request to challenge the ticket in court.​ If you wish to book an in-person First Attendance Hearing, please contact By-law Enforcement Services (contact information below). If you intend to challenge the ticket in court, you must attend By-law Enforcement Services in person (contact information below). A By-law Enforcement Officer must witness your signature. Mailed tickets that have been signed cannot be accepted and will be returned. 

Contact Us

In Person or By Mail 
(Payment by Mail = Cheque or Money Order only)
By-law Enforcement Services
Township of King
2585 King Road
King City, ON​​​​​​
L7B 1A1​

E-mail us at​ or call 905-833-4002
If we are unable to answer your call, please leave us a detailed voice message and we will get back to you. Our voicemail is monitored by officers on the road and in the office!  

​Hours of Operation
(for in-person ticket payments or in-person First Attendance Hearings): 

8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
(excluding Statutory Holidays)

​After Hours 

You may see By-law Enforcement Officers outside of regular business hours as they are working hard to keep King safe​. Officers may be out especially during Winter months to ensure that snow clearing and emergency vehicles can operate safely. ​