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Parking FAQ

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​How Long Can I Park on a Street?

Unless otherwise posted, you can park on Township streets for up to three (3) hours. If you need to park on the street for longer than three hours, you can request a Temporary On-Street Parking Exemption by visiting our website. ​

Please note that parking on Regional Roads may differ from the Township. For more information, you can view York Region's Parking By-law 2017-37​ and Parking By-law 2017-47​

What is an online appeal versus ​an in-person First Attendance Hearing?

Online appeals and in-person First Attendance Hearings provide an opportunity for By-law Enforcement Services to review your ticket where you may request a reduction or cancellation of the fine. You will have the opportunity to submit comments and photos online as well as in-person. Online appeals give you the opportunity to make this request without having to come into the office. ​

Upon submitting an appeal or during the First Attendance Hearing, By-law Enforcement Services will review the circumstances of the ticket, including the relevant evidence and municipal parking regulations. They will also consider your comments and any evidence of your own. The decision to reduce or cancel your parking ticket is at the discretion of the Township and may depend on past history of parking infractions and the circumstances of the parking ticket.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the online appeal or in-person hearing, you may still proceed to court to challenge the ticket.

To dispute a parking ticket online, please visit our website to submit an appeal​

To arrange an in-person First Attendance Hearing, please contact the Township of King By-law Enforcement Office​.​

​What Do​​es "Unassumed Road" Mean?

This means that the Township doesn't perform maintenance on the road at this time. Once a road is registered with the Land Registry Office, it becomes public highway dedicated to the Township of King. Both the Parking By-law and the Highway Traffic Act can be enforced regardless of whether the road is assumed or not.​​​

Fines & Towing 

Parking tickets in the Township are given out with specific fines for each offence. For a full list, you can view the consolidated parking set fines list. 

By-law Enforcement Officers can tow any vehicle in the Township for parking contrary to the by-law, but the Township generally ​will only tow parked vehicles that present a risk to traffic safety or obstruct access to private property. Fees incurred for tows are collected by the towing company from the vehicle owner before the vehicle may be released.​​

The GO Train parking lot is full, where can I park? 

The Township provides several parking lots in the surrounding area of the Go Train station to help with overflow parking. Please see the map below for their locations. Please note that all residential streets have a maximum of 3hr parking unless otherwise posted.