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Residential Rental Property Concerns

​​​​​​Concerns about Maintenance of your Rental Property?

There are several resources available to tenants that have concerns with their residential rental property. Many of these same resources can also guide landlords through various challenges with tenants. ​​​

  • Under the Residential Tenancies Act ("the Act") landlords and tenants are given certain rights and responsibilities that must be maintained. 
  • The Landlord and Tenant Board ("LTB") was established under the Act to resolve a wide array of disputes between landlords and tenants and to provide information to landlords and tenants about their rights and responsibilities. 
  • The Rental Housing Enforcement Unit is a separate body from the LTB that only deals with the enforcement of offences committed under the Act.  
  • The Township of King's By-law Enforcement Services Office works to enforce by-laws such as the Property Standards by-law, which maintains standards of the condition of a building in King. Property Standards primarily relates to the structural integrity of any building in the Township, but can be used in some cases to rectify maintenance concerns of rental properties. 

Before Filing a Complaint

If you have a concern about the maintenance of your residential rental property, the Township asks that you follow these guidelines: 

Before filing a complaint with the Township, the Rental Housing Enforcement Unit or the LTB, talk to your landlord about the maintenance issue. It is recommended that you document any concerns or requests to your landlord in writing. Give your landlord  a reasonable amount of time to perform the repairs. Keep the letter for your records, you may be asked to provide a copy of this letter if you require additional assistance. 

If the issues you are experiencing are not resolved during the period provided in the document given to your landlord, you have several options. 

Who can I contact? 

1. By-law Enforcement Services

You may contact the Township's By-law Enforcement Services to assist in gaining compliance under the Township's Property Standards By-law

After contacting By-law Enforcement Services, an officer will open an investigation and follow up with the landlord on the repairs that need to be fixed. Please keep in mind that the concern may fall outside of the Township's jurisdiction if the concern does not fall under the Township's Property Standards By-law and may require the assistance of the Rental Housing Enforcement Unit, the LTB, or in some cases the York Region Health Department​. ​

2. The Rental Housing Enforcement Unit

You may contact the Rental Housing Enforcement Unit​ to assist in gaining compliance with the Residential Tenancies Act. 

After contacting the Rental Housing Enforcement Unit a provincial inspector will arrange a time to meet with you at your rental property to conduct an investigation. If​ the inspector finds a violation has taken place under the Act, a work order will be issued for the landlord to make repairs. ​For more information on this process, visit the Rental Housing Enforcement Unit's website​. ​

3. The Landlord and Tenant Board

​You may contact the Landlord and Tenant Board​ to assist in resolving issues between tenants and landlords. 

After contacting the LTB, you may apply for a hearing. This process allows both the tenant and landlord a chance to present the issue(s) during the hearing. A hearing may result in an Order being served that would outline the issue(s) that need to be fixed and a strict deadline when they need to be completed. For a detailed description of this process, visit the Landlord and Tenant Board's website on ​the application and hearing process​. ​