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Pet Licence


​Name of By-law/Concern: Animal Control By-law

Number (if applicable): 2016-85

Summary: Cats and dogs within the Township of King are required to be registered and pay an annual licence fee no later than April 15th of each year. The Township issues lifetime tags which will be valid for the life of your pet.  

Cats and Dogs within the Township need to be registered to ensure the best care for your pets. The Township keeps records of the most up to date information such as rabies vaccinations, veterinary contacts and their home address in case they get lost or injured.

  • Dogs: $20.00
  • Cats (*FEES WAIVED FOR 2019)
  • Late fee: $5.00           
  • Replacement Tag: $10.00
  • Service animals are exempt from licence fees but must still be registered with the Township

  • Seniors 65+ receive $5.00 discount off of listed price

  • Late fee applies as of April 15th of each year

Licences can be purchased and picked up from the Township Main Offices at 2585 King Rd, King City Ontario or purchased onlin​e.

Application for a Cat Tag

Application for a Dog Tag

For other pet and animal related questions, see the reference guide.

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