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Draft Private Tree By-law

​​​​King Loves Its Trees LogoOn June 10th, 2019, a Draft Private Tree By-law and report were brought to Committee of the Whole to receive comments and feedback from the community. 

The proposed Draft By-law ​​​would only apply to healthy trees in the three Village Communities of King City, Nobleton, and Schomberg​. Property owners would be able to remove healthy trees under the authorization of a permit. The conditions of this permit would require that three replacement trees are planted in its place, or the equivalent in cash-in-lieu is paid into the Township's fund to plant trees on public property. 

​If a property owner needs to remove a dead, dying, or diseased tree, they will also require a permit, but they will NOT have to replace the tree or pay a cash-in-lieu fee. 

Now we want to hear from you! 

King is looking for feedback on the Draft By-law, and have launched a public consultation process through the Township's engagement platform called "Speaking"​. Visit our page to take our survey, ask questions, and share your t​houghts​ about where trees in King should be protected. 

Important Links

​Clerks Department Report CL-2019-15​

Draft Private Tree By-law​ 

Appendices to Draft Private Tree By-law​ (Maps of the three Village Community Boundaries)