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​​​​​The Township's Noise By-law​ prohibits and regulates certain types of noise within the Township of King. 
The by-law includes both general restrictions on certain types of noise as well as time-based restrictions for certain activities. Common noise complaints include:

  • Excessive amplification of music or sound
  • ​​Construction activity after 9:00 PM and/or on Sundays​
  • Persistent barking, whining, or calling by domestic pets and other animals (non-agricultural)

How Do I Report a Noise Issue?

In order to address your concern, By-law Enforcement Services will require your information and information about the concern. Note that your personal information will remain confidential. Please be prepared to provide as much detail as possible about the complaint such as:

  • Address of the property involved
  • Date and time when the violation was first observed
  • Detailed description of the violation

To report a noise issue, fill out the Noise Witness Report Form​ and e-mail it to

For questions or concerns about the noise issue you may contact By-law Enforcement Services by e-mail at in person or by mail to 2585 King Road, King City, L7B 1A1 or by phone at 905-833-4002. 

For noise complaints after hours, you may report the issue to the Township's answering service at 905-833-5321 for follow-up with By-law Enforcement Services the next business day. 

If it is an urgent matter that requires immediate attention, please contact the non-emergency number for the York Regional Police at 1-866-876-5423. York Regional Police are authorized to enforce the Township's Noise By-law when necessary and will respond when available.

Noise Witness Report Form​

Noise Exemptions

Certain activities within the Township may require an exemption to the Township's Noise By-law. Some examples of activities that would require an exemption include special events that feature amplified sound (i.e. weddings, large family reunions, birthday parties, or outdoor gatherings with live bands or amplified music.), or overnight/weekend construction. There is a $50 fee to apply for an exemption.​ 

Noise Exemption Application Form​ ​

Do I Need an Exemption?

Exemptions are intended for large special events and gatherings or construction activity that falls outside of the permitted hours. Exemptions are generallnot required for ordinary social gatherings at private residences. 

If you feel that your event may cause a disturbance in your neighbourhood, you may wish to apply for an exemption to the Noise By-law. The Clerks Department will provide you with a template notification letter to distribute in your neighbourhood to advise neighbours about the event in advance. 

Should there be a noise complaint arising from your event, By-law Enforcement Services or York Regional Police may attend and will confirm if there is an exemption on record. Without an exemption, your event may be shut down.

In all cases, please be mindful of your neighbours and respectful of the community - excessive noise can harm the enjoyment of properties and damage relations with your neighbours.

To learn more about permits needed for special events you can ​refer to our Special Event Planning Guide​

Applying for an Exemption​

The following conditions must be met for noise exemption applications to be considered:

  • A completed Noise Exemption Applicati​on Form​ is to be submitted to the Clerks Department a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the proposed event or activity
  • No more than three (3) exemptions shall be approved by the Clerk for an individual property in a calendar year (each exemption is limited to one calendar day)
  • Exemptions shall not be authorized beyond 1:00 AM for special event type noise exemptions
  • Upon approval, you must serve notice of the approved exemption to nearby affected properties in advance of the event (a template notification letter will be provided)
  • A fee of $50 applies to all requested exemptions ​

Exemptions for Construction Activities

The Clerk's Department may issue noise exemptions to facilitate construction activity for time periods outside of the permitted hours of the Noise By-law. These times may include construction activites that need to be completed overnight or on weekends. 

A noise exemption application must be submitted to the Clerks Department a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the proposed construction activity. A fee of $50 applies to all requested exemptions. 

Notice of any service disruptions as a result of approved after-hours construction shall be posted to the Township's website under Disruption of Services. It is recommended that applicants contact the Clerks Department at 905-833-5321 before applying for a noise exemption to facilitate after-hours construction. Depending on the nature of the request, the Clerk may elect to bring forward such requests to Council for consideration.

Noise Exemption Application Form​

Exemptions to be Considered by Council

Exemptions may be considered by Council under the following circumstances:

  • If you have requested exemptions in excess of the limit of three (3) per calendar year; or
  • The Clerk deems it appropriate to have Council consider the request in a public setting

If your request for exemption is to be heard by Council, public notice shall be posted on the Township's website and in the local paper indicating the date, time and location that the request is to be heard. The Clerk shall maintain a list of interested parties who will be notified of any exemptions that are to come before Council for consideration. To be placed on the interested parties list for all noise exemptions to be heard by Council, please contact the Clerks Department at 905-833-5321.​

For additional information about the Township of King Noise By-law, please contact By-law Enforcement Services at 905-833-4002.

​For additional information about Noise Exemptions, please contact the Clerks Department at 905-833-5321.