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Property Information Request

Application Process

The Property Information Request (PIR) is an application to request property details such as zoning designation, Ontario Heritage Act designation, active building permit information and orders, By-law violations and orders, Committee of Adjustment minor variances, Municipal services such water and wastewater, Planning inquiries, sewage system request and others related to the property.

This form can be submitted by mail/courier, email ( or in-person at our office. If you are applying for more than one property, each property must be applied for with a separate PIR form and with applicable fees.

The Property Information Request form can be accessed from our form page.

Click here to go directly to Building Department Forms.

Important note:

Please be advised that Property Information Request may only be submitted by the following individuals: owner, mortgagee, and the solicitor for the purchaser. If you are not one of these individuals, you can obtain the information through a Freedom of Information request by contacting the Clerks Department: email ( and telephone (905) 833-5321.

Questions for other Authorities

To determine whether any easements, rights-of-way, instrument numbers are registered against the property, please check title to the property at:

In person:
York Region Land Registry Office

​50 Bloomington Road West, 3rd Floor
Aurora, ON
(905) 713-7798

Teranet Express

 The Township of King does not have jurisdiction over private wells. Please contact the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, Wells Help Desk for information regarding private wells:

​Wells Help Desk
Environmental Monitoring and Reporting Branch
Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change

Phone: 1-888-396-WELL (9355)
Fax: 416-235-5960 York Region Drinking Water Tests
Public Health Ontario Customer Service
Phone: 416-235-6556
Toll-Free: 1-877-604-4567

Terms and Conditions

  • A response will generally be provided within ten (10) business days.
  • The information in this letter does not constitute an opinion or advice of, or representation by the Township of King of the lawfulness of the use of the property or building thereon, nor compliance with applicable laws, codes, or regulations. The requestor must satisfy him/herself with respect to same.
  • Private Surveys will not be reviewed for the Zoning Compliance.
  • Subdivision or Site Plan Agreements will not be discharged from the title, unless a Subdivision or Site Plan Agreement has been registered to replace the original.
  • The Township of King will not discharge utility easements from the title. For information regarding the utility easements, please contact the individual utility company. (i.e. Rogers, Bell, Enbridge, etc.).
  • Supporting documentation will not be returned. Please do not send the original copies.
  • Agreement releases require a formal request and separate fee, as outlined in the Fees and Charges By-Law, as amended.

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