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Electronic Building Permits

​Electronic Building Permit Application

Submission Requirements

The Township of King is now accepting electronic building permit applications.
Small electronic building permit applications can be submitted by email in PDF format
to -Large building permit applications can be submitted at the
Building Division's front counter (temporarily, at the Township drop-box during the

COVID-19 pandemic) on a USB drive or re-writable DVD.  Alternate digital formats for permit applications are also available through Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Please contact us at for further information. 

​What is required in the Drop-Box:

·     An envelope or zipper bag, labeled "Building Permit Application"

·     The envelope or zipper bag should only include:
USB drive with all electronic documents, plans, and drawings.

Note:  the same USB device may be used for multiple permit applications.

2. Original signed hardcopy of the building permit application form with your contact information - telephone number and email address.

3.  A cheque made payable to the "Township of King" for all permit fees. 

Electronic Document Submission Requirements (email and drop-box):

  • All electronic documents, plans and drawings must be submitted in original PDF format. Documents and drawings must have no comments. Text placed on the PDF as a comment must be flattened or removed.

  • Layers must be removed from all drawings.

·      Files must be unsecured and not password protected.

·      Forms to be complete and signed electronically. Forms are available online in fillable format.

·      Plans/Drawings with multiple pages and sets must be combined into a single

Electronic Document (PDF format) in sequential order for each discipline (ASME).

·      Drawings and Specifications must be in black and white only. Colour renderings and photos may be submitted, but only as supplements to plans.

·      Printing to paper and scanning to create a PDF will not be accepted.  

·      Drawings must be to scale with applicable scale listed on each drawing. 

·      HVAC and plumbing plans/drawings must be submitted as separate Electronic

Documents in PDF format for each application.

  • When a submission is made to address a deficiency identified by a Plans Examiner, an electronic copy of the revised plans must show all changes clearly labeled and bubbled noting such changes. 

  • Email submission file size cannot exceed 10MB.  Larger submission can be submitted by Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

  • Hardcopy drawings and schedules are not required when making an electronic permit application submission.

  • Documents must be properly labeled as per the file structure below.

The file names of the Electronic Documents must include the name of the forms or the contents of the document in the following file structure format:


                            55 MAIN STREET - BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATION



                                      BLD APP FORM.pdf

                                      BLD DWGS.pdf   (Architectural, Structural)


                                      ZONING FORM.pdf

                                      SITE PLAN.pdf

                                      HVAC CALCULATIONS.pdf

                                      HVAC DRAWINGS.pdf

                                       ROOF TRUSS PACKAGE.pdf

                                      FLOOR JOIST PACKAGE.pdf





                                      SWG APP FORM.pdf

                                      SWG DWGS.pdf  

                                      SWG CALCULATIONS.pdf


                                      SCHEDULE 2.pdf

                                      SITE PLAN.pdf



Small and Large Building Permit Applications


Small building permit applications examples are garages, porches, decks, sheds, finished basements, interior alterations, pool enclosures permits, small residential additions and private on-site sewage systems. Submit at


Larger permit application are single detached dwellings, multi-unit residential townhomes or condos, multi-unit commercial buildings, large agricultural buildings and other non-residential building permit applications. Large applications can be submitted on a USB drive, re-writable DVD or by SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). SFTP transfers must be initiated by King Township Building staff. To request a transfer, please contact for assistance.



For other eligible project submissions or to clarify required documents and file structure for e-permit submissions please contact the Building Division @ 905-833-5321​