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​​One of the great things that comes with being sustainable is having some extra money in your pocket to show for it! Below are some great incentives and grants available to Ontarians who want to do their part in helping achieve a greener future.

Directory of ALL Energy Efficiency and Alternate Energy Programs in Canada

Cool Savings Rebate

By making the important decision to replace your heating and/or cooling system with more efficient models, you could qualify for up to $550 in rebates!​

Refrigerato​​r Roundup

If you have an electricity-guzzling fridge that’s fifteen years old or more, you can get rid of it the easy way and for free. It will be recycled and never guzzle electricity again.

Retire Your Ride

If you have a car that is a 1995 model year and older and needs retiring, its parts can be recycled in an environmentally responsible way, and you will be rewarded for it! Rewards include a public transit pass or a membership to a car-sharing program, $300 cash or a rebate on the purchase of a 2004 and newer vehicle.