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COVID-19 Screening Tool

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The Township is taking a cautious and gradual approach to reopening facilities and services. While we establish a new normal, an added layer of health and safety measures is required to ensure the safety of our residents and employees. 

In an effort to provide ongoing protection, a new COVID-19 screening tool will be in effect and mandatory for the public and staff when entering in reopened Township facilities. 

Screening tool overview:

  • Both staff and public visitors will be required to answer a short series of screening questions in order to access reopened public Township facilities. Screening can be completed by visiting
  • Answers to screening questions will generate a pass/fail response determining eligibility to access the facility.
  • A pass response will be accompanied by a green check mark icon which you will show to an on-site staff member prior to entry.
  • Please note: public visitors are required to complete screening tool before accessing all Township facilities visited that day.
  • If visiting one facility, screening completion is only required once prior to entry.
  • If visiting multiple facilities, screening will need to be completed for each individual facility.
  • The screening program will keep an attendance log for 12 months in the event that contact tracing is required by York Region Public Health. After this period, data will be deleted. 

While it is encouraged that screening be completed before attending the facility, posters will be available on-site containing a QR code, making navigation to the screening website quick and easy. Most phones can read a QR code by using the camera app and hovering over the QR code. A popup asking you to visit the screening tool URL should appear. 

Covid-19 Screening Tool FAQ

​Mandatory Face Coverings or Masks

A reminder to all visitors to Township facilities, that face coverings will be required upon entry. Effective since July 17, 2020, face coverings/masks are mandatory in all Township facilities opened to the public as per guidelines set by York Region Public Health. ​For more information on mandatory mask rules, visit York Region's website