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How do I file a complaint?
Complaints will be accepted by the By-Law Enforcement Office in writing, 
in person, by phone or by email:  or by fax to 905-833-2300.

Township of King
Municipal Law Enforcement
2075 King Road
King City, Ontario
L7B 1A1

By-Law Enforcement Office business hours are Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Phone :905-833-5321 Extension 4002
Fax: 905-833-5321

AFTER HOURS Please call the general number 905 833-5321  and the answering service will relay a message.

For issues requiring immediate assistance after hours call York Regional Police Services at 905-895-1221

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What information is required to file a complaint?
The complainant is required to provide full name, address and phone number (The identity of the  complainant is protected under the Freedom of Information Act and  is treated as confidential until such time as the complainant may be asked to testify in court in support of the complaint).  The By-Law Enforcement Office does not consider a complaint valid unless the complainant information is complete.   Anonymous complaints will only be investigated when there is a safety issue involved.

Please provide a full description of the issue, when it occurred, dates and times, and how you are being affected.

Included in the complaint must also be a proper municipal address for all properties involved.  On larger properties it is a good idea to give detail of the location of the issue on the actual property.

The By-Law Enforcement Office will  open a confidential file, schedule a site visit, when required, to view the property or identify any deficiences or contraventions.   The property owner will then be notified of the items that are in contravention of the By-Law and advised of an appropriate time frame to correct the deficiencies. 

Note:  When lodging a complaint, it is mandatory the complainant

1.      provide a contact phone number;
2.      Municipal Address of the property they own or lease;
3.      plus the Municipal Address of the property in concern;
4.      the issue and as many details as possible.
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How do I purchase a dog tag?

Dog tags are available at the Township of King Municipal Offices at 2075 King Rd, King City ON L7B 1A1. Please refer to the current Fees and Charges By-law for the cost of a dog tag. After April 15th the price increases by $5.00 per tag. If you have purchased and tag and it has been lost you can replace the tag for $10.00. A proof of rabies vaccination must be accompanied with the application for the purchase of a dog tag. Online Application for Dog Licencing