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Employment in Schomberg

The community of Schomberg experienced an increase in both the number of employees and the number of businesses in the area between 1998-2009. Employment totals more than doubled over the eleven years, while the number of businesses rose more moderatley, at an average rate of 2.5% during the same period. As of 2009, there were almost 1,200 people working in approximately 100 firms.

The largest employment gains were seen in construction and manufacturing sectors, which grew at impressive average annual rates of 18.1% (210 jobs) and 8.2% (240 jobs) respectively during the eleven year span. This resulted in strong growth in goods-producing industries, which more than tripled (+450 jobs) due to an average annual growth rate of 10.9%. This is significantly stronger growth than in service producing sectors, which grew more in line with Regional averages at 2.4% per year (110 jobs) since 1998. Manufacturing and retail trade accounted for the majority of employment in Schomberg, with manufacturing employing 36.1% of the workforce and retail trade employing 23.3%.

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